The development and launch of the Grundfos Plus marketing programme's pilot project.

Aim: To obtain the data necessary for the manufacturer’s quality management by encouraging European and Russian water supply and heating system installers to register the installed Grundfos pumps in the internet data base created especially for this purpose.

Main tasks:

  • To develop the structure of a new marketing programme.
  • To develop the functional core of the new programme – a WEB tool with a data base and an easy-to-use interface for both the target audience (the pump installers) and the programme coordinators.
  • To create the new programme’s identity.
  • To test the functionality of the newly created programme by launching the programme in Latvia with an effective communication campaign. The aim of the launch campaign is to promote the involvement of installers through becoming registered users of the programme.

The communication strategy of the Grundfos Plus programme’s launch campaign: to ensure a high level of involvement of water supply and heating system installers as well as use the professional pump stores in Latvia as the main communication channel.